Dissolution cases are a primary area for Parker & Parker. We have extensive experience handling all divorce related issues and estates of all sizes. While we prefer to handle matters through an in person consultation here at the office, there are a few basic facts that occur in any given divorce case.

First, one spouse files a Petition for Dissolution alleging that one or more of any number of grounds exist as reasons the marriage should be dissolved. It may be that your spouse has already completed this step and you have been served with paperwork. If this is the case, make sure you bring in the petition asking for a divorce when you come see us. We can then prepare an answer on your behalf, after which the case becomes active with both spouses participating until its conclusion.


After this initial commencement through the filing of a petition and an answer, the next step depends upon your circumstances. If you had children during your marriage, the court will deal with all children related issues first. If all you have to do is decide matters of property, that being whatever assets and/or debt that happened during the marriage, then typically your case will proceed much more quickly. When you have children, the court will first encourage you to work out your differences. Many recent studies show that joint custody is the best possible situation in which you can raise your children. If you cannot come to agreements, however, the court will order you to attend mediation, and Parker & Parker can help advise you in the appointment of a mediator, which is a required step before the court allows you to litigate issues regarding your children. If after attending mediation, you still have been unable to work out a resolution with your spouse, then at that time Parker & Parker’s extensive experience in custody trials will become of great use to you.