Readopting Your Child In The U.S. After An International Adoption

The world of international adoptions is complicated. Typically, agencies specialize in completing adoptions out of a particular country. By the time you call us, the agency has helped you to already complete a complete foreign adoption. It is still important to complete an adoption in Illinois because adoptions in many foreign countries will not automatically be recognized in the United States, or you may have trouble proving to state or federal authorities that you actually completed a valid foreign adoption. Sometimes, a name change is still necessary too, or, in unusual situations, a child's date of birth is incorrect.

At a minimum, completing an adoption in Illinois will provide you with a valid Illinois Judgment of Adoption, which ensures that the adoption will always be recognized in the United States for purposes of obtaining a passport, having a birth certificate (a Record of Foreign Birth, which is registered in Springfield like a birth certificate), and citizenship.

Domestic Adoption Before Age 16 Allows For U.S. Citizenship — A Critical Matter

Most of all, the issue of citizenship is critical. Depending on the type of visa that was given to your child after a foreign adoption, you may have to complete an adoption in Illinois. If you do not do so, then your child will not actually ever be recognized as a U.S. citizen. This may not arise as a problem until years, or even decades later — but unbeknownst to anyone, the child is at risk of being deported if, for example, they are charged with a crime and come to the attention of federal authorities. However, this problem is solved by completing a domestic readoption before the child turns 16, which then allows citizenship for the child after two years.

In special cases, we have also completed adoptions of children who, for various reasons, are present in the United States on expired visas, or who entered the country as refugees. In the past, these cases have included adoptions from Honduras, Mongolia and Haiti. If for any reason your case has extraordinary circumstances or complexity, we also are able to refer you through the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys to the special attorneys around the country who are knowledgeable in international adoption.

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