Adopting A Stepchild In A Contested Case

Trial work is what we practice every day. An adoption can become contested by a natural parent, most often a legal or putative father. If that happens, then we, the adoption attorneys at Parker & Parker, are ready to litigate the termination of their parental rights. Depending on the circumstances of a case, there can be many different ways to prove that a natural parent's consent is not required in order to complete an adoption.

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Our extensive knowledge and experience with the Adoption Act allows us to fight the case in the most efficient and effective possible way. We understand that a contested adoption can be very stressful and emotional. We will make sure from day one that you know the exact plan for your case. The Adoption Act has many specific nuances and procedures which can help eliminate court fights or keep litigation to a minimum, and many law firms simply do not fully know the ins and outs of complex adoption procedures.

When Stepparent Adoptions Are Contested

Stepparent cases often have the potential to become contested because they involve older children and have a history with the putative or legal father, who may not be involved in the child's life.

The Natural Parent May Be Determined To Be Unfit

There are many ways in the Adoption Act that a parent can be determined to be unfit. We will look at which grounds are most effective in your case to prove a father unfit and develop the case through the tools of litigation, such as discovery (written questions, subpoenas, and depositions) and motions. We have successfully gone to trial over the years on every ground of unfitness, from the most common basis - failure to maintain a reasonable degree of interest, care, or concern for a child - to the less common, such as inability to parent due to mental disability, depravity, and desertion.

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