Domestic Violence And Divorce

Do you need an order of protection to feel safe and stop threats of harm? Or have you been named in an order of protection — and now you need help to clear your name and get the order lifted? Being blocked from your home and perhaps from your children can be its own type of crisis. Legal counsel is vital no matter which side of the situation you are on.

When Domestic Abuse Or Threats Disturb Your Peace

Domestic violence and threats of domestic violence are unfortunately common among people undergoing a deterioration of a marital or domestic relationship. Abusive actions and words come about even among people who have never been in trouble with the law. The phenomenon is so familiar that family law attorneys include this area as part of a full-service family law practice. At Parker & Parker, we are prepared to represent you vigorously, without delay. As lawyers committed to client-centered family law practice in Peoria, we can help you get past a tense situation.

Consider Our Illinois Family Law Attorneys Allies On Your Side

Whether you are asking for or defending an order of protection, we have experience trying cases from both sides. Generally, the Illinois Domestic Violence Act allows a judge to enter an order that prevents repeated physical abuse, harassment or intimidation among family, household members or people in a dating relationship. Often these are emergency matters that need immediate attention and knowledge of the laws. We encourage you to act quickly in reaching us if you are a party to an active order of protection case.

Get Answers And Help Regarding Restraining Orders

Definitions of domestic violence include a full range of actions and words. Restraining orders can provide relief — and can also become hurdles to overcome. Contact an attorney at Parker & Parker Attorneys at Law by phone at 309-673-0069 or by sending an email. Get an advocate on your side and put these problems in the past.