What Kinds Of Nursing Home Injuries Translate To Successful Neglect Claims?

It is a terrible feeling when you discover that your loved one suffered bruises, skin tears or burns while in a nursing home. In fact, injuries such as these are all too common in nursing homes. A broken hip caused by a fall or bed sores that become infected are naturally much more serious. Depending on the facts, you may have good reason to bring an injury claim or lawsuit.

After A Serious Nursing Home Injury, It Is Time To Find Out Who Was Negligent.

After any nursing home injury, you naturally want and deserve answers. A minor injury such as dehydration and malnutrition might not constitute a convincing claim for compensation. More serious injuries such as broken bones and infected bed sores may be compelling enough to convince a jury that compensation is appropriate.

At Parker & Parker Attorneys at Law, we have established a reputation for discovering the truth and translating information into successful cases. From law offices in Peoria, Parker & Parker serves clients throughout Illinois. We have a proven track record of results in nursing home litigation. Early in his legal career, lawyer Rob Parker and another attorney secured the highest settlement ever for a nursing home case in Knox County. We will gladly discuss your case with you even if you are unsure whether an injury is serious enough to lead to a winnable claim or lawsuit.

We Hear You. Your Determination To 'Do Something' Is On Target.

Any injury in a long-term care facility is cause for concern and you are right to want to do something about it. Your family may or may not feel satisfied with official explanations. You, of course, don't want them to let another resident suffer the same fate as your loved one. Parker & Parker is available to evaluate the facts and help you plan an effective strategy in response.

Which Types Of Nursing Home Injuries Make Up Strong Claims Or Lawsuits? Get The Answers You Are Looking For.

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