Who Should Be Accountable After A Nursing Home Injury?

Your first inclination is to ask, "Why?" and "How?" after learning of a nursing home injury. Was your elderly or disabled parent, spouse or other family member injured in a fall or did they develop bed sores? Who is responsible? If you suspect someone was negligent, you are right. You are right to be looking for a qualified attorney to evaluate your case.

We Are Here To Listen To Your Concerns

Let our skilled trial lawyers at Parker & Parker Attorneys at Law look into the facts of your loved one's nursing home injury. From law offices in Peoria, we handle nursing home neglect cases throughout Illinois. We invite your inquiry. As we have done in other cases, we may discover much more widespread reasons than forgetfulness by one or two nursing aides.

It Is Natural To Look At Close-Up Caregivers First — But The Real Reason May Be Understaffing By Management

You may be tempted to blame the hands-on caregivers. After all, they were or should have been right nearby. Why did they allow the injury or abuse to happen? What about the floor supervisor or the nurse responsible for medications?

In fact, we often learn that owners or managers had recently ordered a reduction in staffing to save money on salaries and increase profits. We may discover deficiencies in management or training that go beyond the actual day-to-day care giving.

Our experience has given us insight and tools that can help you determine your next course of action after a loved one was injured through abuse or neglect in a nursing home.

Who Is Responsible For Your Loved One's Fall Or Bed Sores? Talk To A Lawyer

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