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May 2018 Archives

The outlook on nursing homes in illinois

After finally selecting the perfect new place of residence for an elderly loved one, it can be upsetting to discover neglect, to say the least. No matter how serious the situation might be, abuse within the walls of a nursing home is simply unacceptable. The following information takes a look at local nursing homes and their ability to protect and care for senior residents across the state of Illinois.

After the accident: helpful tips

Hope can easily seem far away in the days following a car accident. Depending on the severity of the crash, it can take months and even years to put the pieces of life back together. While each medical and financial situation can be unique, there are a few tips Illinois drivers can keep in mind in the case of an accident.

Bed sores: a nursing home danger

Choosing a nursing home for a beloved family member or friend can take extensive time, consideration and patience. This life chapter can also take an emotional toll on everyone involved. When an Illinois family finally selects the place of residence fit for a patient's needs, one might assume they can place worries aside.

Who gets the dog? Pet custody in Illinois divorces

You know that your fur baby is part of the family, but judges in Illinois have long approached the question of who will get the pet in the divorce as a property division matter. If you are planning a divorce, or you are already in the middle of one, you may be relieved to know that a new state law treats your pet the same way you do: as part of the family.

Tips for summer road trip safety

With the three-day Memorial Day weekend all but around the corner, it is the time of year that many Illinois residents start planning their long weekend or summer getaway plans. In many cases, these plans include road trips which can be some of the most iconic vacations in America. While hopping in the family car to head out on an adventure can be fun and exciting it is also something that should be planned for properly in order to keep everyone safe.

Finding justice for loved ones

Deciding to place a loved one in nursing home care can be a stressful process in itself. After the completion of all tasks that ensure a family member will receive utmost care, Illinois residents may assume the most challenging steps are over. Unfortunately, however, some deal with issues long after an elderly resident has moved into a new home. What kinds of incidents take place at elderly care facilities, and how can families keep a lookout for the red flags?

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