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Category: General

Motor vehicle accidents: life after amputation

Wed 25 Jul, 2018 / by / General

They were distracted, driving too fast, under the influence, driving recklessly… regardless of the cause of the accident, you didn’t walk away the same person. Serious injuries come with the expense of lost wages, medical bills and trauma. While medical bills and lost wages are undoubtedly traumatic, victims who lose …

Will I lose my business in a divorce?

Tue 5 Jun, 2018 / by / General

You are an entrepreneur with a successful small business. Now, for some reason, you may be considering divorcing your spouse. You may ask yourself what may happen to the business that you built with your blood, sweat and tears if you do decide to get that divorce? There are many …

Finding justice for loved ones

Tue 1 May, 2018 / by / General

Deciding to place a loved one in nursing home care can be a stressful process in itself. After the completion of all tasks that ensure a family member will receive utmost care, Illinois residents may assume the most challenging steps are over. Unfortunately, however, some deal with issues long after an …