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Common causes of car accidents and sources of fault

Thu 28 Feb, 2019 / by / Personal Injury

After medical attention is provided following a car accident in Illinois, the next step is to identify likely contributing factors and causes. It’s usually the police and insurance company claims adjusters who take the steps necessary to complete this process. In turn, it’s determining the cause of an accident often leads to the identification of parties who may have been at fault, which ultimately establishes legal liability.

Human error is one of the most common causes of car accidents that result in some type of personal injury. Distracted driving is a type of human error that usually involves actions like applying makeup, eating, talking to passengers or using various electronic devices while behind the wheel. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or certain prescription medications is also a form of human error that’s generally the result of poor judgment.

Poor vision, seizures, stroke, heart attacks and significant fatigue are just some of the medical issues that may contribute to accidents. While not every health-related issue is avoidable, drivers are advised to let someone else drive if they are showing signs of not feeling well. Personal injuries related to motor vehicle accidents may also be due to the weather, fault traffic lights and even the unpredictability of animals.

In some instances, mechanical problems that result in motor vehicle accidents are the fault of the manufacturer. If this is the case, a lawyer may recommend legal action if a carmaker failed to issue a recall or inform drivers of known defects. However, a driver may be held responsible for mechanical issues stemming from a failure to properly care for their vehicle. A lawyer may also make a case for negligence if an accident occurred because a driver was unfamiliar with local traffic laws.