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nursing home neglect Archives

Illinois nursing homes ranked among the worst

When people have elderly loved ones who need nursing home care, finding a facility that provides high-quality care can be difficult. The nursing home facilities in Illinois have been found to be among the worst in the nation in terms of the care that they provide.

Protecting seniors from abuse in nursing homes

It's difficult to think about a loved one in a nursing home getting abused, but the unfortunate reality is that many seniors experience sexual and other types of abuse in these settings. Even worse, there's good reason to believe that these abuses often go unreported. Cases of abuse occur in nursing homes in Illinois and states throughout the country, but there are some things family members can do to help prevent this problem.

The outlook on nursing homes in illinois

After finally selecting the perfect new place of residence for an elderly loved one, it can be upsetting to discover neglect, to say the least. No matter how serious the situation might be, abuse within the walls of a nursing home is simply unacceptable. The following information takes a look at local nursing homes and their ability to protect and care for senior residents across the state of Illinois.

Bed sores: a nursing home danger

Choosing a nursing home for a beloved family member or friend can take extensive time, consideration and patience. This life chapter can also take an emotional toll on everyone involved. When an Illinois family finally selects the place of residence fit for a patient's needs, one might assume they can place worries aside.

Finding justice for loved ones

Deciding to place a loved one in nursing home care can be a stressful process in itself. After the completion of all tasks that ensure a family member will receive utmost care, Illinois residents may assume the most challenging steps are over. Unfortunately, however, some deal with issues long after an elderly resident has moved into a new home. What kinds of incidents take place at elderly care facilities, and how can families keep a lookout for the red flags?

Collinsville facility subject of multiple complaints

The decision to put a loved one in a nursing home can be a painful one for Illinois residents. There may be a strong desire to keep a person at home or with a family member but when an individual's needs are beyond what can be taken care of by relatives, sometimes other options are needed to be sought. Once this decision is made, then come the concerns about finding a facility at which the level of care provided can be fully trusted.

Neglect, abuse and death noted in facility violations

Caring for aging relatives is an ongoing challenge for many people in Illinois today. The concerns that family members face when making the decision to put a parent, grandparent or other family member in a nursing home include those for the emotional, physical and financial wellbeing of their elderly loved ones. Unfortunately not every care facility is as trustworthy as one would hope.

Common signs of neglect or abuse at a nursing home

When residents in Illinois leave their elderly family members in the care of another person or facility, they are trusting that their loved ones will be cared for like family there. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. Abuse and neglect in nursing homes are all too common, and abuse of power can occur. Here are some common signs of abuse or neglect to watch out for.

How can I tell if my parent is being abused in a nursing home?

It can be difficult emotionally to see your parent put in a nursing home. You might be feeling sad that your parent is no longer independent, as well as a little guilty that you are not caring for your aging loved one yourself. However, sometimes it is necessary for Illinois residents to put their trust in nursing home caregivers. Your work schedule or inexperience with your relative’s specific needs might leave you no other choice.

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