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Preparing for a divorce: child custody and parenting arrangements

Mon 27 Aug, 2018 / by / Divorce

The decision to separate from a partner, regardless of how long the relationship has lasted, is a very personal one. Many couples experience a variety of emotions when the decision to separate has been made. This often leads to inadequate preparation. However, it’s important to note that being prepared can make the divorce process much easier for Illinois couples.

Recent studies show that some couples are more likely to divorce when they have a close friend, relative or colleague who separates from a spouse. In fact, when a friend has been divorced, a couple is up to 75 percent more likely to separate. This may be because they feel they can separate and still live a satisfying life, or it may be because they know they will receive the support they need if they choose to separate.

When the decision to separate is made, it’s important for the couple to discuss parenting time and how they will manage property division, retirement assets and child custody. For couples with high-value assets, divorce may take some time. It’s important to discuss all marital assets as soon as possible so the divorce can proceed in a reasonable amount of time. This includes retirement accounts and child savings accounts.

Divorce can be tricky; however, the right attorney can help simplify the process. It’s important for individuals to select a divorce attorney as soon as possible once separation becomes imminent. This is because a lawyer can help offer guidance and support throughout the separation process. Furthermore, a divorce attorney can provide advice and help the couple decide how to effectively separate their assets and divide custody in a fair and efficient way.