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Smoothing out divorced parents’ struggles in Illinois

Tue 4 Dec, 2018 / by / Divorce

Divorce typically causes difficulties when it comes to parenting. While child custody is usually a shared responsibility between the parents, it is not always an easy thing to accomplish. In an ideal world, the adults would put aside their differences to co-parent effectively, but this is not always the case.

Parents who can cooperate with each other to co-parent well often make a conscious effort to make it work for the good of their children. This type of arrangement is successful as long as parents can respectfully communicate about all the different aspects of their children’s lives. The idea behind a solid co-parenting plan is that the adults allow their children to enjoy a healthy relationship with both parents. For the plan to work, each parent needs to let go of any resentment of their ex-spouse and to never argue in front of the children.

When parents cannot co-parent effectively without conflict, parallel parenting is another possibility. The idea is that parents each maintain quality parenting time with their children, but they each make their own parenting choices when the children are with them. Some of the most important decisions regarding things like education, religion and medical issues are still typically made together by both parents. However, the idea is for parents to avoid negative encounters with each other because this will ultimately help them raise healthier and more well-adjusted children.

Divorce is never easy for any family, but there are ways for parents to soften the blow and get along for the sake of the children. It takes commitment and well-thought-out planning on the part of both parents. A divorce attorney who understands all the ins and out of family law may offer guidance to a parent who is looking to work out an agreement for the best interests of the children.