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Update on Stryker Claims – Time Limit on Claims

Thu 5 Feb, 2015 / by / Injuries

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Parker & Parker has been advised by the federal court system that our first case filed in the Central District of Illinois has now been transferred to Minnesota. Minnesota federal court is going to receive all Stryker claims filed across the country. Lawyers handling claims for people in New Jersey, Georgia, and elsewhere – as well as our own lawsuit from Peoria – are going to collaborate in this consolidated Minnesota case in discovering information about the Stryker hip replacements.

In our first complaint for damages on behalf of one of our now scores of clients who have received hip implants, it is alleged in the complaint that the combination of materials used by the international company causes fretting and corrosion, and that this potential has been known since the 1980s. It is also alleged that after marketing these devices to physicians, the devices began to fail due to heavy metal contamination. In particular, there were failures at the taper neck junction between the neck and the stem due to the corrosion.

The full complaint can be read here: Olson v Howmedica and Stryker – Complaint for Damages

Our clients are suffering a variety of symptoms believed to be related to the heavy metal contamination. Some have experienced significant pain and swelling, including throat swelling, hives and hair loss. Most are being required to have revision surgery, which is more difficult than the initial surgery due to the fact the Stryker unit has to be removed from the femur. Even for those of you who do not immediately require surgery, it is important for you to know that you still have a claim, and you should call us for more information.

We are now entering a stage called the “discovery” phase of the proceedings. This involves the acquisition of all records pertaining to the development and manufacture of the unit. It will also eventually involve the defendant company’s request for information pertaining to our clients’ injuries. We expect this process to take over a year. As mentioned above, a team made up of attorneys representing different affected Stryker patients from across the country will be working together to acquire and review all of the records from Stryker.

We are continuing to accept new Stryker cases because many people are still well within the two-year Statute of Limitations. We caution that the Statute of Limitations would provide a two-year cutoff for claims after that point. Time is becoming more critical, so anyone interested in filing a claim should do so now. There is certainly no charge by us for the consultation, either on the phone or here in the office. Please call our office and we’ll make sure to get you an appointment as quickly as we can.