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The Name in Nursing Home Neglect

We've previously posted about how it's difficult to find a good nursing home neglect attorney (CLICK HERE for article), and why. If you're looking for an attorney in this area, it's worth asking how many other cases they've handled. As you read our past article, you'll see that nursing home litigation is a difficult blend of different areas of law, and you need an experienced and versatile attorney who knows (1) good experts; (2) how to go to trial and put on a case to a jury; (3) administrative know-how in the world of nursing homes and regulatory law; (4) dealing with the State of Illinois' IDPH jargon and investigators; (5) and medical knowledge, among other things.

Suspicious of Nursing Home Neglect? Try a Camera

Once a man, twice a child, so it's said. During the large amount of time that people cannot be present to visit their loved ones in nursing homes, they worry. They shouldn't have to worry - supposedly daily supervision and care is exactly what makes a nursing home so costly- but it's a legitimate fear. The recurring telltale signs we hear in meeting with nursing home neglect cases are complaints that the nursing home paid little attention to diet, to eating or swallowing difficulties, to proper hydration, or simply to check and see if everything's okay with the resident. These routine issues that go unaddressed are extremely frustrating and unnerving to families, but 99 times out of 100 they become accepted as the way it is. Everyone holds their breath that the errors and neglect will be limited to small oversights that do some, if not great, harm.

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