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Obtaining an Accurate Business Valuation for Divorce

Every piece of the puzzle leading to a final divorce decree can have a great impact on the outcome. This is certainly the case with valuation of assets — a vital step in property division. As experienced and client-oriented family law attorneys, we at Parker & Parker Attorneys at Law go to great pains to ensure accurate valuation of our clients’ assets. We are committed to protecting your assets and your children’s future.

Get it Right for the Sake of What’s Right 

If you work with our law firm in Peoria, we will strive to help you find the right experts to handle your real estate appraisals and business valuation. Different professionals may use different methods of accounting and valuing businesses — yielding different totals for the ledger leading up to your divorce. The final dollar amounts may determine other aspects of your divorce such as how much spousal support you are responsible for — or may receive. Furthermore, different judges will apply different standards to arrive at a final division of assets. Our lawyers can help you navigate these critical issues with your interests at the forefront.

How Valuation Works and How it Will Impact the Outcome of Your Illinois Divorce 

Determining the dollar value of your marital assets may include an appraisal of your house, examination of jewelry, art and other collectibles by experts, and valuation of a business belonging to one or both spouses.

Valuation allows you to move on to the next step: determining how assets will be split between you and your soon-to-be ex-wife or ex-husband. Your financial future is at stake through all steps leading up to a final divorce decree, including division of assets. Settlement negotiations, mediation, collaborative divorce or litigation before a judge will complete the process of asset division.

At Parker & Parker, We Are Here to Partner With You During Difficult Times 

Obviously, much is at stake when it comes to property division in your Illinois divorce. Whatever your divorce decree ultimately says, you will find the courage to live with it and move forward. We are confident of this. We also understand the strong emotions that come to the forefront when your life savings and your children’s financial futures are on the line. For level-headed, legally sound counsel and representation, turn to Parker & Parker as you prepare for this consequential event in your life. Call 309-673-0069 or send an email message to schedule a consultation.