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Schedule a Consultation 309-673-0069

A Custom and Visitation Arrangement That Suits Your Family 

The most emotional aspect of a separation or divorce often has to do with the children. Children are the most precious and important pieces to any marriage, divorce, separation, or paternity case. At Parker & Parker Attorneys at Law, we place a high priority on helping you address and resolve the questions of custody and visitation. Our law offices are in Peoria, and we represent clients throughout Illinois.

Questions About Your Children’s Well-Being Are at the Top of Your List of Priorities — And Ours 

As your divorce approaches, your parent-child relationship may be your main concern. We understand how critical it is to maintain stability in your children’s lives. We also understand that you should feel secure and confident in the lawyer who goes to court with you. Our family law attorneys are available to reassure you and guide you.

The court system will require you to address issues having to do with your children immediately, before talking about any other issues when you file for divorce. A good custody lawyer knows how best to avoid trial, if this is possible, and if not, how to position your case best for trial.

Descriptions on this website are intentionally general. Each case is unique, requiring careful analysis. Your particular case will include specifics pertaining to your family’s circumstances. Parenting time and your custody case should be discussed at our office. Get the dialogue started and move toward the solutions your family needs.

The Next Step: Talk to an Experienced Lawyer at Parker & Parker 

You may reach us by phone at 309-673-0069 or send an email to schedule a consultation. We await your inquiry.