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$765,000 For Nursing Home Neglect Of Peoria Resident

Thu 19 Dec, 2019 / by / General

We’ve concluded a case for a total of $765,000.00 against a local nursing home. Our client was an 81-year-old very funny and wonderful woman who fractured her ankle and went to an area nursing home for rehabilitation. In 17 days her condition deteriorated dramatically – showing just how rapid a lack of care can have an effect.

She suffered from a number of bed sores, including one on her backside that grew to 11 inches by 2.5 inches, and very deep. The nursing home offered her virtually no daily care in order for these to form. Her family often would not be notified of significant changes in her condition, such as the bed sores, severe vomiting and fever, and abdomen pain. Ultimately, she had to be taken to the emergency room, where the extent of the damage was realized. She is lucky to have escaped the terribly care with her life, although her health will be permanently damaged.

The family is glad to move forward, and for the nursing home to know that they made a serious error of neglect.