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Collinsville facility subject of multiple complaints

The decision to put a loved one in a nursing home can be a painful one for Illinois residents. There may be a strong desire to keep a person at home or with a family member but when an individual's needs are beyond what can be taken care of by relatives, sometimes other options are needed to be sought. Once this decision is made, then come the concerns about finding a facility at which the level of care provided can be fully trusted.

Unfortunately there are too many long-term care facilities or nursing homes that fail to adequately keep residents and patients safe. Sometimes it is the most basic needs that are not provided. In other situations, proper attention to a medical emergency may fail to be given. Records from the Illinois state Department of Public Health show that the Collinsville Rehabilitation and Nursing Care Center has been the subject of 44 complaints in the last seven years. That is an average of more than six complaints per year.

Liability in self-driving car crashes uncertain

Illinois residents may be well aware that one of the reasons commonly put forward as to a benefit of autonomous vehicles is the potential to reduce or even eliminate vehicle accidents. With the large majority of crashes attributed to human error per some research, this makes sense. However, it has not yet been conclusively proven that rolling out self-driving cars on the roads will actually prevent wrecks from occurring. One question now being asked is who will be liable in the event that an accident does happen?

The recent incident in Arizona in which a self-driving vehicle hit and killed a pedestrian provides perhaps a classic case-in-point regarding this question. Multiple companies with technologies deployed in autonomous vehicles are said to have quickly claimed their lack of culpability for the accident. It is not known who the family of the pedestrian may request compensation from if they were so inclined.

Parents’ actions can protect children from divorce conflict

Your divorce can be one of the most stressful events of your life, but once it is over, you may begin to heal and move on. However, a divorce can be even more traumatizing for children. Seeing their parents fight and break up is heartbreaking and confusing, as our team at Parker & Parker Attorneys at Law understands. It is important for Illinois parents to cooperate while co-parenting, even if they do not get along, to help their children recover from a divorce.

How can you and your ex help your kids adjust to their new life without both parents in the home? Working Mother has provided the following tips:

  • Try not to badmouth your ex in front of the children. They need to know you are both there for them and should not be forced to take sides.
  • Do not use your children to get back at the other parent, relay messages back and forth or find out what he or she is doing. Parenting issues should only be communicated to your ex, no matter how difficult he or she is to work with.
  • Keep structure and routine in your children’s lives when it is your turn to have them at home. Children need rules and consistency to feel secure and stable.
  • Remember to reassure your children often that both parents love them and that nothing about the divorce was their fault.

More needed to stem tide of distracted driving

People in Illinois who have been driving for many decades have seen the change in laws and penalties associated with drunk driving. The effort kicked into high gear when the advocacy group Mothers Against Drunk Driving took up the charge. While too many innocent people continue to die in these terrible crashes, there have been some improvements since that time. Today, a new threat has been added on the roads in the form of distracted driving.

Despite clear statistics that show the risk and damage done by drivers who refuse to put their phones away while behind the wheel, penalties for distracted driving remain amazingly weak, especially in comparison to those for drunk driving. An example can be seen in a case in Minnesota where a texting driver hit and killed a pregnant woman who was also the mother of another young child.

Neglect, abuse and death noted in facility violations

Caring for aging relatives is an ongoing challenge for many people in Illinois today. The concerns that family members face when making the decision to put a parent, grandparent or other family member in a nursing home include those for the emotional, physical and financial wellbeing of their elderly loved ones. Unfortunately not every care facility is as trustworthy as one would hope.

A report recently released provided details about a string of problems identified by the Illinois Department of Public Health at four nursing homes in the Quad Cities area. The problems experienced at these facilities include some acts so egregious that it would be understandable for people to be fearful of ever moving a person into a nursing home again. One man is said to have died after staff members failed to respond to his call light for 20 minutes. He apparently died from an accidental strangulation.

What should families know about foster parent adoptions?

When your family considers adopting a child in Illinois, you may not think about children from the foster care system. There are many children in foster care who need loving homes, though, and you likely have many questions about the process.

As you consider foster care adoption, you might wonder what this adoption means for your child's birth family. According to, you can usually decide how much contact you have with the birth family. Sometimes your child might have come from a dangerous family situation and it may not always be safe for you to stay in contact with this family. In some situations, your child may choose not to have a relationship with his or her birth family. You may want to let your child decide if he or she wants to stay in touch with relatives.

Common signs of neglect or abuse at a nursing home

When residents in Illinois leave their elderly family members in the care of another person or facility, they are trusting that their loved ones will be cared for like family there. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. Abuse and neglect in nursing homes are all too common, and abuse of power can occur. Here are some common signs of abuse or neglect to watch out for.

Nursing Home Alert states that abuse and neglect are categorized separately. Abuse is the intentional harm - physical, mental or emotional - of a resident. Neglect, on the other hand, can be unintentional or intentional. It occurs when a resident is not provided with what they need to live comfortably, or even survive in some cases.

How can I tell if my parent is being abused in a nursing home?

It can be difficult emotionally to see your parent put in a nursing home. You might be feeling sad that your parent is no longer independent, as well as a little guilty that you are not caring for your aging loved one yourself. However, sometimes it is necessary for Illinois residents to put their trust in nursing home caregivers. Your work schedule or inexperience with your relative’s specific needs might leave you no other choice.

Ideally, nursing home caregivers should treat your parent with dignity and respect while giving him or her the best care possible. Sadly, this is not always the case for many nursing home facilities across the country. It is not uncommon for caregivers to mistreat or neglect a very vulnerable segment of society. If you suspect your loved one is not receiving quality care at his or her nursing home, HelpGuide suggests you might look for the following signs:

  • Sudden emotional withdrawal, fear and mistrust toward certain members of staff or signs of depression and anxiety
  • Injuries that cannot be explained to your satisfaction, such as fractures, cuts, scratches or finger-shaped bruising
  • Infected or untreated pressure sores
  • Signs of malnourishment or dehydration
  • Unhygienic conditions and unwashed bedding in your parent’s room

Injuries after a car accident

When you are involved in a car accident in Illinois, you may sometimes receive serious injuries. We at Parker and Parker, Attorneys at Law, understand it can be beneficial for people to know how they might be hurt if they are in a collision.

When you consider the injuries you might have after a car crash, whiplash is likely the first wound that comes to mind. According to FindLaw, the muscles and ligaments in your neck can be harmed if your head jerks suddenly. Your vocal cords may also sometimes be paralyzed for short time. Sometimes you might incur a brain injury if your head smacks into a window or the steering wheel. This kind of wound varies in severity, and while you may sometimes only have a concussion, a more serious collision might result in a brain injury that affects your cognitive abilities.   

Dividing retirement assets in a divorce

Illinois residents may not realize that retirement savings are among the assets which need to be divided after a divorce. The way these savings are split can differ depending on the type of retirement plan people have, and it is important to understand the different ways retirement savings can be divided.

As they prepare to divide their retirement savings, it is good for people to look into the laws about property division in Illinois. According to FindLaw, it is common for property to be divided equally between spouses. The length of a marriage and the amount that each spouse contributed to the retirement savings is usually considered. Additionally, a court might examine the economic situation of each spouse once the divorce is finalized and whether they will be able to contribute enough money to retirement savings in the future. 

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