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Turn to an Established Illinois Adoption Law Firm

Many family law attorneys include adoption in their list of practice areas. It is common for lawyers to say this is the happiest area of family law, but that can only be true if you know how to successfully get to the end of the case. Forming a new family through adoption can run into unexpected complications such as resistance from a noninvolved biological parent or interstate compact rules, Even when the absent parent does not maintain bonds with a child, he or she may object to adoption by a stepparent, a grandparent or anyone who has assumed a parental role in the child’s life. Adoption is a more complex area of the law than many people realize.

Our depth of knowledge of adoption law and experience handling challenging cases set us apart at Parker & Parker Attorneys at Law. Few law firms in Illinois have the depth of experience that we have to offer. Few law firms in the state handle foster care adoptions as we do. These cases require panel licensing with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).

Do Not Let Hurdles Stand in Your Way of Building Your Family Through Adoption

At Parker & Parker Attorneys at Law, we acknowledge the difficulties and obstacles that sometimes stand in the way of successful completion of an adoption. Our lawyers are ready to tackle any challenge. In the words of FamilyCore Adoption Specialist Jill Bachman, “[Rob Parker] is a very professional attorney who always makes the people he works with feel welcome and important. He shows that he has a passion for representing those who are adopting and always treats them with respect.”

Contact our law firm in Peoria for information, guidance and representation regarding any type of adoption such as:

  • Interstate adoption: When a child is born in a different state from adoptive parents, complex and mandatory laws must be followed before they can leave the state and complete the adoption. Our lawyers have the experience, qualifications, and knowledge necessary to make sure you comply with the interstate compact laws and get home as quickly and smoothly as possible.
  • Agency adoptions: We know all of the local agencies and the names of their workers and counselors. Parker & Parker built a strong reputation over many decades as one of the few law firms in Illinois handling agency adoptions. Today, we continue to apply our proficiency in this area. Prospective parents are welcome to contact us to work with an agency already chosen, or to help get started in finding an agency for your adoption plan.
  • Private adoptions: Word of mouth and personal connections often prove to be powerful ways to put prospective parents in contact with birth mothers. If you have located a child through private networks of friends, coworkers, neighbors or extended family members, Parker & Parker can help you explore what it will take to complete an adoption. Even when all parties say they agree to the adoption, legal counsel can be critical as early in the process as possible. Learn about the requirements of the state of Illinois for moving forward with a private adoption.
  • Foster parent adoptions: When a child is available for adoption and a foster family has bonded with the child, adoption by the foster parents is a wonderful moment that we feel privileged to be a part of. We have the necessary panel license with DCFS that allows us to review your adoption subsidy and complete the adoption. We understand that reaching permanency from a juvenile case can take a very long time, and we try to work as quickly as possible at getting your adoption finalized.
  • Readopting a child after an international adoption: Most parents of children adopted from abroad are surprised to learn of the need to complete an adoption in the U.S. This critical step leads the way to U.S. citizenship for your child. Parker & Parker can help you readopt your child from another country.
  • Stepparent and contested adoption: Attempts by a stepparent to adopt a child are often met with resistance from the natural parent who will lose parental rights in the process. Parker & Parker has helped many stepparents adopt even in the face of opposition from an absentee biological parent. We have also successfully defended fathers who were actually involved in their children’s lives but still faced termination of their rights.

Learn more about how Parker & Parker can provide your family with the advice and representation you need. Get the advocacy you need to finish a challenging adoption or a straightforward one. Call 309-673-0069 or send an email inquiry through this website for a prompt response.