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Schedule a Consultation 309-673-0069


We work hard to know our local agencies. Whether you’re working with FamilyCore, ABC Counseling, the Center for Youth and Family Solutions, or any others, chances are good that we’ve worked with them before and know the same people you do. You can count on the lawyers at Parker & Parker to guide you efficiently through an agency adoption.

An agency adoption means that a birth mother has signed a surrender, giving her child to a licensed adoption agency. The agency becomes legal guardian of the child until the adoption completes, which typically is around 6 months after birth. The agency has matched the birth mother with an adoptive person or couple, who undergone extensive vetting by the agency.


The time to involve us can happen anytime. As a general rule, the sooner the better. We always strive to work in harmony with the agency, and there really hasn’t been a time when we got into a conflict. On the other hand, however, surprises and unusual situations can always happen, such as a putative father (“putative” means probably the father, but not officially determined) who suddenly disappears or decides he doesn’t want to consent to the adoption.

Whatever the obstacle, we can help everyone to assess the options, create a plan A, B, and C, and manage problems as optimally as possible to get to a successful adoption.

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