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A Peoria Personal Injury Lawyer Will Fight for Compensation After Negligence or an Accident 

A personal injury can bring almost anyone’s normal lifestyle to a halt. A broken bone, a burn injury, dog bite injuries, a back injury, a traumatic brain injury or a spinal cord injury can inflict great pain and suffering. Medical bills mount up and before long, you may face bill collectors. Meanwhile, you may be unable to work, resulting in additional hardship and losses for yourself and your family. For all these reasons, an aggressive approach to a personal injury claim or lawsuit is advisable after a serious or catastrophic injury, when stakes are high. A Peoria personal injury lawyer at Parker & Parker has the skills and determination to represent you vigorously through all phases of your claim and litigation

Attorneys Who Will Present Your Case Persuasively

Parker & Parker Attorneys at Law is available to evaluate your case and devise a promising strategy. We are known for our compassionate legal counsel and vigorous pursuit of fair outcomes for our clients. A Peoria personal injury lawyer can work with you to devise a strategy in pursuit of compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Related expenses
  • Lost wage replacement
  • Pain and suffering

Does any of this sound familiar and similar to what you or your family member is facing after a car accident or medical malpractice injury? You may have traveled by ambulance to an emergency room. You may require surgery and a lengthy hospitalization. Rehabilitation, therapy, rest and recovery may follow. Each of these steps after a personal injury is costly in terms of time, money and personal discomfort.

What a Peoria Personal Injury Lawyer Will Do to Help

No two injury claims are the same, and we provide individual attention to our clients. Along the way, your personal injury attorney will: 

  • Investigation: Gathering and documenting the facts.
  • Treatment: Monitoring diagnoses and costs, including lost earnings records.
  • Demand for settlement from the negligent or responsible parties.
  • Negotiations and your decision to reject or accept an offer of settlement.
  • If applicable, filing a lawsuit before the expiration of the statute of limitations.
  • Interrogatories, depositions and defense examinations.
  • Trial

Our law firm’s track record in and out of court on behalf of the injured speaks for itself. We would be glad to share with you some examples of successful outcomes we have achieved for other clients. Every case is unique and no previous results can predict with certainty how your case will go. However, case summaries will give you an indication of our hard work, perseverance and depth of knowledge in the area of personal injury litigation.

Free Initial Consultation – Contingency Fee Representation

Our role is to help you recover compensation and put your trauma in the past as soon as possible after a serious crash or medical-related injury. Let us evaluate your case at no cost to you. If we represent you, we will do so with no attorneys’ fees due unless you receive compensation through our efforts. Call 309-673-0069 or complete our online intake form to request a free consultation.