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Schedule a Consultation 309-673-0069

We Haven’t Left Our Roots. We Just Grew New Branches. 

We’re proud that our attorneys have continuously ranked in the top 5% of Illinois Attorneys, and recently both Drew Parker and Robert Parker are ranked in the Top 10 among all downstate attorneys – but that’s based on the votes of other attorneys and judges. Our 5.0 Google Rating shows that our clients share in this confidence. How did we get here? 

When Drew Parker and Doc Halliday became partners in 1982, Theresa Hardesty had her own, completely separate private law practice focusing exclusively on adoption. The child of Drew Parker and Theresa Hardesty, Robert Parker grew up not only in the law, but also – and more importantly – in a post-divorce environment that was kept extremely friendly and cooperative between Drew and Theresa. Everyone gained an intimate appreciation for the fragile responsibility that every divorce brings. Building up to her retirement in approximately 2012, Theresa merged her law practice into Parker & Parker, which Robert took over following years of her mentoring. In 2014, one of Drew’s neighbors had a parent who suffered extreme neglect in a nursing home, dying as a result; and around this same time, Drew’s parent and Robert’s grandparent was attempting to locate a good nursing home in Central Illinois. The law firm quickly realized both an interest in and a need for nursing home injury litigation in the area.

For information about each lawyer’s unique background and qualifications in personal injury and family law, follow these links:

A Legacy That Hasn’t Changed

As natives, the law firm has been connected to the Peoria community for many decades, guiding often the same families as they encounter different crises over those years. Multiple generations of clients call and find that the continuity is also true of their lawyers. Always small, the law firm has believed that size is the enemy of excellence, as Warren Buffett says. You also don’t need 12 lawyers to win a case – you just need one smart one with a good track record. Always small and focused as true trial lawyers, the firm continues today with the same nimbleness and personal touch. 

Parker & Parker emphasizes nursing home injuries and routinely handles personal injury and wrongful death. The firm has been selectively narrowing its divorce work to a handful at a time of the largest and most complex cases, while Robert also expands the adoption practice first begun by his mother, Theresa Hardesty. Both Robert and Theresa are proud to be included among the 470 Fellows of the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys throughout the United States and world. Each attorney has contributed in different years to practice guides that teach other attorneys how to do adoptions, known as Illinois Continuing Legal Education (ICLE) guides.

The law firm is known as the place to contact for complicated adoption situations between I-72 and Chicago. Parker & Parker has set records for nursing home cases in three Illinois counties. Recently Drew was ranked #2 among all downstate attorneys specifically for handling divorces, while Robert was ranked #9 among all under-40 attorneys generally.

Ultimately, these are just areas of law we have chosen because of our personal experiences in our lives, while the recognition is a measure, hopefully, of the difference we make in people’s lives. Good work is reflected by its impact.

We Hear You

Ultimately our office door is open to hear your story. We hope we can turn a complicated situation into clear, practical advice. Most of all, when you first come, and for every step of the way, our goal is that you feel reassured that you’re understood and headed in the right direction. This is just as important as preparing compelling final arguments for the courtroom.

Let’s Talk

Learn more about car and truck accidents, nursing home injuries, divorce, and adoption: call 309-673-0069, send an email to schedule a consultation, or use our online schedule link through this website to book an appointment online.