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Collinsville facility subject of multiple complaints

Sun 15 Apr, 2018 / by / Nursing Home Injury

The decision to put a loved one in a nursing home can be a painful one for Illinois residents. There may be a strong desire to keep a person at home or with a family member but when an individual’s needs are beyond what can be taken care of by relatives, sometimes other options are needed to be sought. Once this decision is made, then come the concerns about finding a facility at which the level of care provided can be fully trusted.

Unfortunately there are too many long-term care facilities or nursing homes that fail to adequately keep residents and patients safe. Sometimes it is the most basic needs that are not provided. In other situations, proper attention to a medical emergency may fail to be given. Records from the Illinois state Department of Public Health show that the Collinsville Rehabilitation and Nursing Care Center has been the subject of 44 complaints in the last seven years. That is an average of more than six complaints per year.

In January of this year, a lawsuit was filed in connection with the death of a patient at the nursing home. Now, a woman who worked at the facility is facing criminal charges for neglecting patient health that led to injury or death in the case of a death that happened last summer. In the latter case, resuscitation efforts were reportedly not given to an 81-year-old patient who eventually died.

Relatives of people who are injured or die at the hands of those supposed to care for them might want to talk with an attorney in Illinois to learn about compensation options.

Source: Belleville News-Democrat, “Belleville woman failed to perform CPR on nursing home resident who died, charges say,” Kara Berg, March 29, 2018