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Illinois nursing homes ranked among the worst

Wed 13 Feb, 2019 / by / Injuries

When people have elderly loved ones who need nursing home care, finding a facility that provides high-quality care can be difficult. The nursing home facilities in Illinois have been found to be among the worst in the nation in terms of the care that they provide. conducted an analysis of nursing home facilities in states across the U.S. by examining data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The facilities that were located in Illinois were ranked at 42 out of 50. More than 900 people were surveyed about the care in nursing homes and the pain that they experienced.

Nursing homes were rated based on their inspection records, number of deficiencies, staffing ratios and quality measures. Across the nation, 75 percent of older adults stated that they would prefer to age in their own homes. However, many older adults eventually need skilled nursing care in nursing homes. In the U.S., there are an estimated 15,600 nursing homes with 1.4 million patients.

The poor ranking of nursing homes in Illinois demonstrates that substantial improvements are needed. Vulnerable adults deserve to have high-quality care so that they can enjoy a decent quality of life. Family members who believe that their loved ones are receiving inadequate care and are being neglected or abused in nursing homes should take action. Family members can report their suspicions to the state and to law enforcement. They might want to move their loved ones to safer environments if they believe that their loved ones are in danger of imminent harm. People might also want to consult with experienced elder law attorneys. The lawyers might be able to help their clients hold nursing homes liable for their negligence and recover damages on behalf of their clients.

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