Are You Ready To Adopt Your Foster Child?

Rob Parker is a certified DCFS Panel Attorney. When juvenile court cases make a child or children available for adoption, we are licensed and able to complete the foster parent(s)' adoption. We have completed hundreds of foster care adoptions.

Ensuring Your Child Receives All Applicable Adoption Assistance

In all foster care adoptions, there first is a process of obtaining Adoption Assistance. This is often known as a "subsidy." The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) has a set of forms that are completed, which we review with you before starting the adoption. The benefits for a child can be considerable: a state medical card for the child, monthly cash payments, and specific higher grants in cases involving children with extra needs and expenses. It is important to make sure the subsidy is complete, accurate, and includes every available benefit that the child and family will need.

Federal and state rules change from year to year, and we undergo training annually with DCFS to stay on top of the changes. We always meet with foster parents who are completing an adoption in order to cover every piece of the subsidy.

When Timing Is Of The Essence, Tell Us About Your Goals And Concerns

We also understand that timing is important; we always strive to make sure your case is handled and reviewed as quickly as possible. Children and families spend enough time waiting in foster care, and we make sure that your case moves as quickly as possible toward completion of the adoption once you call our office.

Parker & Parker Is Here For You

Schedule a consultation to learn how we can expedite an adoption as a foster parent. Call 309-673-0069 or 800-672-9105 or send an email inquiry through this website.