We Facilitate Private Adoptions

Adoptive parents locate a birth mother on their own through friends, community connections, the internet, or any number of ways. In fact, this trend has been increasing over the past decade. When this happens, the adoptive parents may already be working with an agency, or maybe they have no idea at all where to start or what comes first. It doesn't matter to us at Parker & Parker: We know how to work with every situation. What's important is to schedule an appointment and ask questions. There are laws, for example, on paying expenses for a birth mother.

Ensuring Clear Expectations And Communication

On a practical level, we understand that the foundation of a successful adoption is making sure that understanding and trust are maintained between the adoptive family and birth parents. Everyone has their own concerns about how the adoption can be completed, what kind of timeframe will be required, what expectations of communication and post-adoption contact will occur, and, on a much more general level, what they should say or not say.

We make sure that the right pieces are put into place at the right time, that everyone feels comfortable and assured about the steps ahead, and that the proper respect is given to the adoptive family, birth parents, and the agency about each of their roles in that process. Every adoption situation is unique. Having the right guidance is critical, and we are happy to provide it. Your initial adoption consultation is not an expense we charge: What we care about is, above all, that everyone feels comfortable, secure, fairly treated, and informed. The reason is simple: Once that is in place, the adoption has a much greater chance at being successful.

Keeping Costs As Affordable As Possible

When we meet with you, we try to figure out the simplest solution possible. That also means our fees, whenever possible, are a flat rate based on the complexity of your case, and if the adoption fails to be completed for some reason (such as a change of mind), then we alter our fees to an hourly rate based on only the actual work done so far on your case, and refund the remainder. We also try to make sure other questions such as insurance coverage for the child, the Adoption Tax Credit, and employer-provided adoption subsidies are also explored. Our firm is here to be your best resource in meeting the particular needs and circumstances of your case.

We Can Advise Birth Mothers On How To Find A Prospective Adoptive Family

Unlike some adoption law firms around the country, we do not keep portfolios or attempt to screen and match prospective adoptive families with birth parents. It is our belief that either people find and identify their own opportunities, or agencies do; we do not actively keep on file families who are seeking to adopt. However, because of our relationships with many adoption agencies, and our membership in the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, we can readily assist in guiding birth mothers to local or nationwide families who are looking to adopt.

Schedule A Consultation

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