In Pursuit Of Fair Compensation After A Car, Truck Or Motorcycle Accident

A motor vehicle accident has special characteristics that set it apart from other types of accidental injuries. The rules of the road and the safe or unsafe operation of a vehicle are topics of interest in the investigation after a car, truck or motorcycle accident.

Parker & Parker Attorneys at Law in Peoria has built a strong reputation fighting for compensation for those injured in motor vehicle accidents. Let us evaluate your accidental injury when another driver:

  • Was speeding
  • Was following too closely
  • Was distracted
  • Was texting while driving
  • Was driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Was inattentive
  • Drove erratically
  • Cut off another vehicle
  • Forced another vehicle into a retaining wall
  • Drove while fatigued
  • Failed to perform a safety check before driving a semi
  • Ignored laws or regulations

You may have suffered a serious back or neck injury, a traumatic brain injury (TBI), a spinal cord injury or broken bones. You may face weeks, months or years of physical therapy and other treatments recommended by your doctors. You may be left with a lasting disability. Aggressive legal representation can help you recover the compensation you need to handle new expenses and move forward in life despite your injuries. An attorney with a track record of successful outcomes can be a great ally and advocate on your side after a car accident.

We Hear You And We Will Make Your Voice Heard In Court And Out

Our lawyers at Parker & Parker also represent people injured in bicycle and pedestrian accidents. Whatever the circumstances of your motor vehicle accident, please call 309-673-0069 or email us to schedule a no-obligation case review.

Free Consultations — Contingency Basis Representation

When we represent you after a car, truck or motorcycle accident, we know from our experience that claims adjusters or lawyers on the other side will try to get you to accept a substandard settlement offer. Please don't let that happen before talking to one of our personal injury attorneys.