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March 2019 Archives

Facts about assuming a mortgage in a divorce

When Illinois couples who are also homeowners get a divorce, they must decide what will happen to the family home. If one person keeps the home, both could remain on the joint mortgage. However, this could be a major disadvantage for the one who does not keep the home since a missed mortgage payment could cause significant damage to that person's credit score.

Safety groups urge NHTSA to propose AEB rule

Tractor-trailer accidents in Illinois and around the country claimed 4,102 lives in 2017, and more than 80 percent of those who died were passenger vehicle occupants, pedestrians, cyclists or motorcyclists. Road safety groups including the Truck Safety Coalition and Road Safe America say that many of the most dangerous commercial vehicle crashes could be prevented by automatic emergency braking and forward collision avoidance systems, and they have criticized the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration harshly for not pursuing regulations that would make this potentially lifesaving technology mandatory equipment in all American trucks.

How cryptocurrencies are putting a new spin on divorce

Many Illinois residents have seen firsthand how challenging it can be to divide assets during the divorce proceedings. Cryptocurrencies, which were first introduced to the public in the late 2000s with the likes of Bitcoin, have only recently started to have an impact on divorce proceedings. Part of this impact has to do with an increased public awareness about the value that cryptocurrency could have. Now, family law firms are dealing with individuals who have high net worth in cryptocurrencies. They are struggling to figure out how to deal with this currency.

Steps to take before filing for divorce

Spouses who are approaching divorce in Illinois can take steps to make the process as smooth as possible. Divorce is almost never easy; it creates stress of several varieties, including emotional and financial worries. Taking the time to get organized prior to divorce can prepare a person for what is to come, relieve stress and make favorable outcomes more likely.

The link between daylight savings and drowsy driving

Those who are going to be driving on Illinois roads or others throughout the country after the clocks change should make sure to get enough sleep prior to doing so. According to AAA, adults should get at least seven hours of sleep per night. Sleeping for only five or six hours in a 24-hour period could double a driver's risk of an accident. In fact, it could cause impairment similar to driving after consuming too much alcohol.

Preventing dehydration in nursing homes

Out of all the potential nursing home injuries that come from a neglectful staff, few are as prominent as dehydration. Studies show that nursing home residents are more likely to be dehydrated than those living outside of these facilities in Illinois. A lack of proper fluid intake can drastically increase the risk of contracting a deadly disease at their age.

Keeping track of the facts after a car crash

When people in Illinois have a car accident, they may be upset, injured and unsure of their next steps. However, by being prepared for a collision before it occurs, people may be prepared to gather helpful information that could help them to compile the facts of their case for an insurance company or potentially even in court. People can keep better records and improve their recollection of the facts by remaining calm after a crash, even though it can be challenging.

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