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April 2019 Archives

Stay-at-home parents during a divorce

A significant number of parents in Illinois leave the workforce to raise their children, especially mothers. Across the country, around one-quarter of all mothers stay at home, while 7 percent of fathers do the same. This choice is widely supported in surveys of American attitudes, especially when stay-at-home mothers are involved. Over half of people in some surveys say a mother could do a better job than anyone else raising the kids at home, even including the children's father. Even 10 percent of all highly educated moms with a master's degree choose to stay home from work in order to raise their children.

Automaker aims to stop drunk driving crashes with technology

Drunk driving poses a serious risk to Illinois road users. Since the dangers of driving while intoxicated were exposed, people have pursued various options to crack down on the practice, from social shaming and public awareness ads to law enforcement initiatives and sobriety checkpoints. One car manufacturer is opting for an alternative path to stop drunk driving: a technical approach. Volvo is planning to use autonomous driving and safety technologies to allow the vehicles themselves to bring drunk drivers to a stop.

How divorce can impact retirement savings

Many divorcing couples in Illinois focus on issues such as who gets custody of the children and who gets the house. Unfortunately, retirement decisions are often overlooked or not given sufficient consideration. Even if parting spouses are years away from retiring, there are issues related to this type of savings that could create some unpleasant financial woes later in life.

How the Bezos couple split Amazon assets

While some parts of the Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos divorce are more salacious, other aspects seem more amicable. The couple agreed on a divorce settlement that would give MacKenzie some Amazon stock while Jeff would have voting power for her shares. Here are some details about the Bezos divorce that Illinois residents might want to know about.

Safety advocates raise awareness about distracted driving dangers

The technology that leads to distracted driving tempts drivers throughout Illinois on a daily basis. Smartphones and dashboard touchscreens take people's eyes off of the road and result in accidents. According to the National Safety Council, these distracted driving crashes kill nine people and injure another 100 people every day. To educate the public about the serious problem, the council and other organizations promote Distracted Driving Awareness Month each April.

IIHS links rise in car crash fatalities with higher speed limits

Ever since the nationwide 55 mph speed limit was abolished in 1995, 41 states including Illinois have raised the speed limit to at least 70 mph on their highways. Six of those states have done so since 2013. In addition, seven states raised the speed limit on some highways to 80 mph. However, according to a study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, this change is responsible for nearly 37,000 additional deaths between 1993 and 2017.

Natalie Maines and Adrian Pasdar dispute over prenup and support

Illinois fans of Dixie Chicks member Natalie Maines may be aware that she is involved in a contentious divorce from her husband, Adrian Pasdar. Pasdar, an actor, is seeking child and spousal support as well as legal fees. Maines is asking a judge to uphold the prenuptial agreement the two signed before they married in 2000.

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