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20th Year Drew Parker a Leading Lawyers, Rob Parker a Leading and Super Lawyers

Fri 22 Apr, 2016 / by / General

Collection of awards given to Robert and Drew Parker

In the twentieth consecutive year, Drew Parker has been named as a Leading Lawyer in the areas of Family Law, Personal Injury Law, and Criminal Defense as a Litigator. He is also a Leading Lawyers Advisory Board Member and previously was also recognized by Leading Lawyers as one of the top 100 consumer attorneys in Illinois, and one of the top 50 attorneys in downstate Illinois. In the twentieth consecutive year, Drew Parker has been named as a Leading Lawyer. You can read Drew’s profile on Leading Lawyers by clicking here. In the second year now, Rob Parker has been named by both Leading Lawyers as an emerging lawyer and by Super Lawyers as a Rising Star. You can read Rob’s profile on Leading Lawyers by clicking here and Rob’s profile on Super Lawyers by clicking here.

What, exactly, is Leading Lawyers? For fewer than 5% of Illinois attorneys, it means that all of Illinois’ attorneys selected them as the best in response to the question: “If a family member or friend needed legal help and you couldn’t take the case, to whom would you refer them?” This methodology ensures that peers are recommending the most qualified, experienced and reputable people in their community – and, indeed, their own competitors as well. Lawyers may not nominate themselves or anyone at their firm, and only those with the most votes get named. Next, selectees are reviewed by the Leading Lawyers Advisory Board. The Advisory Board, which Drew is on, is comprised of those Leading Lawyers who received the most number of votes for their area or areas of law and/or their region of the state.

Super Lawyers follows a similar selection process that is explained here (click). Only 5% of Illinois attorneys are Super Lawyers as well, and the 4-step process evaluates lawyers for 12 different qualities, then independently reviews and studies them, and then has peers rank the remaining lawyers.