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Driving safely in winter weather

Mon 5 Nov, 2018 / by / Personal Injury

Inclement weather is a common cause of accidents in Illinois. Road conditions can go from being fine to dangerous very quickly. AAA has released tips for driving safely in winter weather.

Safe tires are essential for winter driving. Tires should always be checked for proper inflation. Radial tires should not be used with other types of tires.

Drivers should make sure to maintain control of their vehicle during icy conditions by not using cruise control. The parking brake should not be used if it is avoidable in wintery or rainy conditions.

It is especially important to be careful during long trips. Drivers who are about to embark on a long drive should monitor the weather before leaving for their destination and delay trips if the weather is expected to be particularly bad. It is a good idea to have a vehicle inspected before a long trip and keep at least half a tank of gas in the car at all times.

When snow is covering the road, drivers should drive slowly and allow for plenty of time for the vehicle to stop when braking. The normal following distance between vehicles of three to four seconds should be increased to eight to ten seconds. Drivers should avoid stopping as much as possible.

Car accidents occur more frequently in snowy weather. Negligent drivers can’t use bad weather as an excuse for a car accident if they were not driving safely. For example, if a driver is driving too fast considering the road conditions and ice causes brake failure resulting in a rear-end car accident, the fact that ice was on the road is not an excuse for the driver’s negligence.

personal injury lawyer may be able to help individuals who have been injured in a car accident. A lawyer may be able to file a claim against the negligent driver and help prove how the driver was negligent and the extent of the accident victim’s injuries.