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Federal Suit Filed Against Hip Maker Stryker

Thu 5 Feb, 2015 / by / General

stryker hip implant

Parker & Parker has filed one of the first lawsuits nationwide against international artificial hip maker Stryker. Basically, these lawsuits are occurring because:

1. Stryker has made hip replacements for a long time, and traditionally they used titanium, which is a strong but very expensive material.

2. To cut costs, Stryker tried to replace the titanium with cheaper metals, such as cobalt. They cut their costs in half, and increased profits as a result.

3. The cheaper materials were quickly realized to be breaking down, and as a consequence toxic metals from these implants can be released into people’s blood streams – poisoning people over time.

4. For some people, immediately revision surgeries are necessary to take out the defective implant; others confront the permanently lingering possibility of a future surgery.

Even though we have filed a lawsuit in federal court, you can still contact us to join the class action. You have a case even if you do not know whether you require a revision surgery, and even if you are having some bills paid by Broadspire.

The filing of this lawsuit is the first step, but there’s still time. Contact us for an in-person meeting at the office, and we can explain more about these lawsuits.

Read more at the PJ Star article June 2013: