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How children can adjust to divorce with parents’ help

Fri 2 Nov, 2018 / by / Divorce

There are many ways for separated parents in Illinois to help their kids better adjust to divorce. For starters, it’s important to keep family life as consistent and stable as possible. Parents should try to avoid fighting with each other over child-rearing issues. Even parents who have fundamentally different parenting styles may be able to agree on a set of consistent expectations between their households.

Furthermore, parents should be prepared to answer their children’s questions about the divorce and reassure their kids that they love them. In some cases, they may need to adjust their answers so that they are age-appropriate or do not otherwise involve sharing inappropriate information. Parents should not dwell on negative issues or say things that will make the other parent look bad. It is important to avoid making children feel caught in the middle of a conflict.

Some parents may live far from their children after divorce. Therefore, they may need to explore alternative ways to stay connected. One way to do this is by finding a shareable experience, such as watching the same movie together in their respected homes. Some parents may not participate in their children’s lives at all, but the other parent should still avoid making negative comments about that parent.

Negotiating child custody and visitation can be difficult. However, both parties may be happier with a schedule they create together rather than one a judge creates in litigation. An attorney can help a divorcing parent through this process and work toward a mutually beneficial outcome.