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How Often Do Defective Truck Parts Lead to Trucking Accidents?

Thu 31 Aug, 2023 / by / Truck Accidents

Trucking accidents can be devastating. When trucks collide with passenger cars, it can lead to serious injury or even death. There are multiple causes of truck accidents. One of those causes is defective truck parts.

In this post, we discuss how defective truck parts can cause trucking accidents. We will identify what faulty truck parts are and how you should use this information to hold parties accountable for the harm that has resulted from the trucking accident.

What Are Defective Truck Parts?

A defective truck part is a part of the truck that no longer works properly. This defective part either was never manufactured correctly or it has stopped working properly due to age or use. Depending on what part of the truck is defective and whether those defective parts fail, there can be serious consequences. The truck’s operator may lose control of the truck, resulting in an accident, or a part of the truck may fall off during operation and cause an accident.

What Truck Parts Often Become Defective? 

In theory, any part of a truck can become defective. Here are some examples of the most common defective truck parts:

  • Faulty brakes, brake hoses, or brake lines
  • Malfunctioning steering systems
  • Failing ball joints
  • Faulty or old tires

What Can Go Wrong When a Truck Has Defective Parts?

Defective parts can lead to all sorts of truck accidents, resulting in personal injury. One common accident is when tires are defective or not properly maintained. When a tire blows out, the truck’s operator may lose control. Another common accident is when the brakes fail. When the brakes fail, a truck’s operator can struggle to stop in time. 

A Truck Just Collided With My Car–Who Is Responsible?

This is a complex question that will require an investigation. This is where an experienced trucking lawyer can make a difference in your case.

Often, those who have been in trucking accidents think that they can only find the truck driver liable. Liability expands beyond just the truck’s operator, however. 

Think about all of the people who touched the truck that caused the accident. There is the driver, who is the one operating it and probably most recently inspected it. If that truck driver works for a trucking company, the company would have looked at the truck. The truck itself, before it ever came into the possession of the trucking company or individual truck driver, was manufactured and offered for sale with the presumption that all the parts worked and that it was safe to drive.

If any of those parties failed to act in some way to keep the truck safe, they could be liable for the accident. That is, even if the party was not directly involved in the accident, they could be responsible for it happening, regardless.

Do Truck Companies Have Maintenance Responsibilities? 

Yes, trucking companies are responsible for maintaining their trucks to protect drivers on the road. Properly maintaining trucks can prevent accidents that are caused by faulty parts by removing and replacing those parts. Without properly examining the truck, these issues—which may be easy to fix and inexpensive—can lead to tragedy. 

Truck owners and companies have a responsibility to frequently inspect the vehicles and to ensure that they are in good working condition. This includes checking tires, brakes, and steering systems. If any issues are identified, they must be properly fixed.

If a truck owner or operator becomes aware, for example, that the brakes are not operating properly, then they have a responsibility to fix the brakes. This might mean replacing part or all of the braking system.

The truck owner and operator do not just have a responsibility to fix known issues. They have a responsibility to discover issues by doing regular maintenance. 

What About Truck and Other Manufacturers?

Anyone involved in manufacturing trucks or truck parts has a responsibility to make sure those parts do their job. That means that those parts cannot have defects. For instance, if a company manufactures a ball bearing that is defective, and that defect results in an accident, that company could be held liable.

Companies that manufacture parts for trucks must produce reliable and safe parts for trucks. Those parts must be rigorously tested before being offered for sale. Any defective parts should be immediately recalled.

Who Else Might Be At Fault for Faulty Truck Parts?

Another party that might be responsible is a mechanic. It could be the case that the truck operator and company perform regular maintenance checks. The parts that were installed might be free from defects. However, if the mechanic installs those parts incorrectly, it could result in a truck accident. 

Why Contact a Truck Accident Attorney? 

Truck accident attorneys have gone through numerous trucking accident cases from beginning to end. They understand the ins and outs of court procedures, insurance companies, and trucking and manufacturing companies. Truck accident attorneys will be sure to conduct a thorough investigation of why the accident occurred, building a strong case to get you maximum compensation. 

Because truck accidents cause such significant damage, it is imperative to hold all those accountable to stop truck accidents from happening in the future. An experienced trucking attorney will hold all relevant parties–whether it is the truck driver, manufacturers, mechanics, or truck company–responsible, helping ensure that those parties take the necessary steps to prevent future accidents.

Contact an Experienced Trucking Attorney

Car accidents and truck accidents differ significantly. Being involved in a trucking accident can be devastating. For some, going through the legal process to get compensation following a truck accident can be just as jarring. This is why it is important to retain an experienced personal injury lawyer who has helped clients recover following trucking accidents. 

Our attorneys can help you to navigate the complexities of the trucking laws in Illinois. We will make sure you get the compensation that you deserve.