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Natalie Maines and Adrian Pasdar dispute over prenup and support

Mon 1 Apr, 2019 / by / Divorce

Illinois fans of Dixie Chicks member Natalie Maines may be aware that she is involved in a contentious divorce from her husband, Adrian Pasdar. Pasdar, an actor, is seeking child and spousal support as well as legal fees. Maines is asking a judge to uphold the prenuptial agreement the two signed before they married in 2000.

Pasdar says that when the two were together, Maines paid all the bills and that he is $200,000 in debt since the separation. He claims his income is $150,000 per month and that he put his acting career on hold to raise their children and support Maines’ career. According to Pasdar, Maines has assets totaling at least $50 million, and she stands to make even more with the release of her solo album.

The legal fees Pasdar wants Maines to pay are $350,000. He is also asking for $60,503 per month for child and spousal support combined. His attorneys say that there is no objection to the division of assets as stated in the prenup, but there was no agreement that he would receive spousal support in the document. Maines has accused Pasdar of not turning in necessary documents and delaying the progress of the divorce.

As this case demonstrates, although couples with a high net worth may sign a prenuptial agreement, it does not guarantee a problem-free divorce. A judge may also dismiss a prenup if one spouse was not adequately counseled about its implications or if the judge feels it is unfair. The idea behind a prenup is to protect assets but not leave one spouse in poverty. Couples may still be able to negotiate an agreement for property division without going into litigation, and negotiation often gives them more flexibility to make an agreement on their terms.

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