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New U.S. Regulations Will Suffocate International Adoptions

Thu 3 Nov, 2016 / by / Adoption

Save adoption sign with young girl

Did you know that the State Department is trying to quietly pass new rules governing international adoption? Virtually no one is aware. It’s happening – and fast. The new regulations are stated on this government website, spilling through 52 pages of extremely difficult reading: Click here for link.

A news site, the Federalist, has interviewed a number of people in international adoption, and they do a much better job of explaining what these new regulations mean in this article (click here). In that article, they note “It’s small wonder the State Department chose to roll out these regulations now, while the country is distracted by the election.” And, quoting an interviewee, they continue: ‘If adoptive families had any idea of what was going on, I think they would be outraged.'”

If anyone with experience in international adoption takes a hard look at what’s coming, we think they’ll agree. Here’s the bottom line, from the article:

“Should these rules be adopted as written, advocates foresee far-reaching consequences. First, agencies will begin to close-most likely starting with small, faith-based agencies. Some speculate the current number of 198 American agencies could dwindle to as few as a dozen. Geographical gaps will form, as families in rural or low-population states can’t find an agency to serve them. Adoption costs will soar, and the already-long adoption timeline will lengthen.

Most importantly, millions of waiting children overseas will have fewer chances for a family of their own. “This is a boot on the neck of international adoption,” Johnson says. “At the end of the day, this isn’t about agencies. It’s about children.”

What to do? There’s a website explaining just that, with 16,000 petitions so far. You can find it here: So far, all of these agencies have signed a petition against the new regulations:

  1. ABC Adoption Services, Inc.
  2. A Family in Bloom
  3. A Love Beyond Borders
  4. ACF Adoptions
  5. Across the world Adoptions
  6. Adopt Abroad
  7. Adoption Assistance Inc.
  8. Adoption Associates
  9. Adoption Avenues
  10. Adoption and Beyond, Inc.
  11. Adoption by Shepherd Care
  12. Agape Adoptions (Washington)
  13. Agape of Central Alabama
  14. Adoption Center of Washington
  15. A Helping Hand Adoption
  16. All Blessings International
  17. Alliance for Children
  18. Amazing Grace Adoptions
  19. America World Adoption Association
  20. Bal Jagat – Children’s World International
  21. Building Arizona Families
  22. Carolina Adoption Services
  23. Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington, Inc.
  24. Catholic Charities of the Diocese of LaCrosse
  25. Catholic Charities Center for Family Services, Baltimore
  26. Catholic Family Center, Rochester, New York
  27. Children’s House International
  28. Children’s Hope International
  29. Christian Adoption Services, NC
  30. Christian Family Services of the Midwest, Inc.
  31. Chrysalis House, Inc.
  32. Counseling and Family Services dba Family Core
  33. Cradle of Hope Adoption Center
  34. Creative Adoptions Inc.
  35. DRC Adoption Services
  36. Embracing Children Adoption Services
  37. Embraced by Grace Adoptions
  38. Evolve Adoption and Family Services
  39. Faith International Adoptions
  40. Family Connections, Inc.
  41. Family Focus Adoption Services
  42. Families United Network, Inc.
  43. Forever Families Adoption Services, Inc
  44. Frank Adoption Center
  45. Gateway Woods Family Services
  46. Generations Adoptions
  47. Great Wall China Adoptions / Children of All Nations
  48. Hands Across the Water Adoptions
  49. Holston United Methodist Home for Children
  50. Homestudies and Adoption Placement Services
  51. Hope Adoption Inc. (Hope International)
  52. Hope’s Promise
  53. Hopscotch Adoptions, Inc.
  54. Illini Christian Ministries Inc.
  55. International Adoption Net
  56. International Child Foundation
  57. Joshua Tree Adoptions
  58. Kids First International Adoption
  59. Life Adoption Services Inc.
  60. Lifelink Adoption
  61. Little Miracles Adoption Agency
  62. Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains
  63. Michael S. Goldstein, Esq
  64. MLJ Adoptions
  65. New Beginnings International Children’s and Family Services
  66. New Horizons Adoption Agency, Inc.
  67. Nightlight Christian Adoptions
  68. Open Door Adoption Agency, Inc.
  69. Options for Families and Youth
  70. Premier Adoption Agency, Inc.
  71. Promise Kids a Future
  72. Small World, Inc.
  73. TFI Family Services Inc.
  74. The Datz Foundation
  75. The Gladney Center for Adoption
  76. The Sacred Portion Children’s Outreach
  77. Upbring (Lutheran Social Services of the South, Inc.)
  78. Vista Del Mar Adoptions
  79. Wasatch International Adoptions
  80. West Sands Adoptions
  81. Wyoming and Colorado Children’s Society

Other Endorsing Organizations


Harvard Law School Child Advocacy Program

Adoptions from the Heart

Americans for African Adoptions, Inc

Your Adoption Finance Coach

Global Orphan Foundation