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The emotional consequences of amputation

Fri 21 Sep, 2018 / by / Personal Injury

Near Peoria, there are a number of narrow highways in rural areas where motorists often go at higher speeds. All of these elements can be a recipe for disaster for other drivers in the area. Whether someone accidentally drives off the path or crashes into another vehicle, these conditions can lead to a serious car accident that could have long-lasting effects on the motorists involved.

Many large-scale crashes have resulted in one of the drivers losing their limbs in the process. This forces the victim to make severe changes in their lives while adjusting to their missing arm or leg. One part of the process many do not consider is how emotionally devastating it can be for the individual. Several health professionals recommend that victims receive psychological help if they experience any of the following issues:

Body image problems

Illinois amputees have to repeatedly see people who have all of their limbs intact. They look in the mirror and might see someone who is incomplete. They might get sick of people asking them how they lost their arm or leg, or even both. While several patients eventually accept the injury for what it is, it can be more difficult for others to recover from the process. It can be difficult for them to socialize or see so many eyes drawn to their missing limb.

Lack of self-worth

Studies show that a victim’s self-esteem can shatter after the accident once they see what their disability prevents them from doing. Those who work jobs that require a lot of physical activity often lose their positions and must search for work elsewhere. Looking for a job without a disability in Illinois can be difficult enough as it is, and now they are left at a major disadvantage compared to the competition. The more time passes without a job acceptance, the more necessary finances they are missing out on and the more they feel terrible about the whole situation.

Phantom pain

Phantom pain is a sensation where the victim feels that the amputated limb is still a part of them. While originally thought to be a psychological side effect, doctors eventually found out that these sensations originate from the spinal cord and the brain. Even though the sensation itself is not psychological, it can have negative mental effects on the victim afterwards as it further reminds them of what they do not have.

Amputees from car accidents should seek mental health assistance to help them cope with the loss of their limb. If the accident was the result of a negligent driver speeding in Peoria, the victim or a family member should get in touch with a local personal injury attorney as amputations are expensive medical procedures that requires further treatments and compensation for the expenses and impact it has on the victim’s career.