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The Name in Nursing Home Neglect

Thu 5 Feb, 2015 / by / General

We’ve previously posted about how it’s difficult to find a good nursing home neglect attorney (CLICK HERE for article), and why. If you’re looking for an attorney in this area, it’s worth asking how many other cases they’ve handled. As you read our past article, you’ll see that nursing home litigation is a difficult blend of different areas of law, and you need an experienced and versatile attorney who knows (1) good experts; (2) how to go to trial and put on a case to a jury; (3) administrative know-how in the world of nursing homes and regulatory law; (4) dealing with the State of Illinois’ IDPH jargon and investigators; (5) and medical knowledge, among other things.

This adds up to a disaster if you go with a personal injury firm that hasn’t worked in the specific area of nursing home neglect. They won’t know the steps, and they’ll probably be surprised when they can’t settle the case nearly as quickly as they’ve settled all the car accidents that they’ve handled (it’s not widely known or reported, but over 90% of personal injury cases settle without ever being filed in court). That’s why you should ask them how many cases they’ve done.

Right now, we have 25 cases, many of them wrongful deaths, filed and pending against nursing homes. Today, we signed numbers 26 and 27, which will be filed. We would ask you if you can find any attorney south of Chicago who has this many nursing home cases. When you choose, go with experience.