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The relationship between industry and marriage

Wed 3 Oct, 2018 / by / Divorce

Illinois residents might be surprised to find out that the industry they work in could potentially predict if they get a divorce in the future. According to a study from Stockholm University, certain fields carry a higher risk of divorce, particularly those that include a lot of socializing and are dominated by members of the opposite sex, such as restaurants and hotels.

The study, which focused on marriages of opposite sex partners, found that the risk also varied for men and women with men having a higher risk for divorce when they were employed in jobs where they dealt with more co-workers of the opposite sex. If they worked in industries where most of their co-workers were males, such as in construction, they were less likely to get divorced. Additionally, education also seemed to factor in since men with college educations also had a higher risk of divorce in these fields. The opposite was true for college-educated women.

One possible reason for men having a higher risk of divorce is that it might be more culturally acceptable for them to divorce and move on to new relationships. Another reason might be that men who work in female-dominated fields earn lower pay, causing social and emotional stress, which can then lead to divorce. In the end, however, each person’s situation is different, so the reasons for their risk of divorce will differ.

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