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Tips for summer road trip safety

Sat 12 May, 2018 / by / Personal Injury

With the three-day Memorial Day weekend all but around the corner, it is the time of year that many Illinois residents start planning their long weekend or summer getaway plans. In many cases, these plans include road trips which can be some of the most iconic vacations in America. While hopping in the family car to head out on an adventure can be fun and exciting it is also something that should be planned for properly in order to keep everyone safe.

Parents magazine recommends that drivers should always have their cars checked for mechanical soundness before a road trip. If nothing else, checking air tire pressure, oil levels, windshield wiper fluid levels and brake condition is a must. If a vehicle is nearing its next major service, doing this before the vacation is recommended. Preventing a mechanical breakdown is always the preference when possible.

Next it is wise for people to pack not only their clothes and other personal items but things that can benefit them if they are stopped along the way unexpectedly. This includes extra water, food and blankets as well as emergency supplies for first aid administration and warning materials like flares and reflective wear for people who must get out of a vehicle while on the road.

If a breakdown happens for any reason, AAA indicates that a driver get oriented and attempt to remain calm and assess the situation. This will help them explain what is needed when calling for emergency help. Making it easy for other drivers to see that the vehicle is disabled is important to staying safe and can be done by raising the vehicle hood even if the problem is not under the hood, placing flares on the road and turning on emergency flashers.