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Pace of fatal crashes down a bit in Illinois

Tue 19 Jun, 2018 / by / Personal Injury

What happens out on Illinois’ roads matters greatly. How safe, or dangerous, things are on the roads can have deep implications for families in the state. Car accidents can expose families to all manner of hardships. In some tragic instances, they lead to families suffering the ultimate loss, the loss of a loved one.

When car accidents expose families to life-altering tragedies, it can be very important for families to seek out the support they need. This includes professional support when it comes to navigating impactful legal matters, such as issues related to wrongful death claims.

How many traffic fatalities is Illinois seeing this year? Reportedly, as of early June, there had been 408 traffic deaths in 2018. This is a little below the total that 2017 had at this same time. That total was 430.

However, while traffic deaths are down a little bit as compared to last year, the state is still on pace to have a fatality count over 1,000 by year’s end. So, traffic deaths remain a major area of concern here in Illinois.

Summer can be an especially important time to remember the potential for traffic accidents to have tragic results and how vital safe driving is out on the roads. This time of year can see a particularly high number of accidents, including fatal crashes, given the heavy traffic levels that generally go with summer. So, as we enter summer, one hopes all drivers in Illinois will make safe driving a priority and do what they can to help push traffic fatalities down further in the state.