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Injuries after a car accident

Fri 29 Dec, 2017 / by / Personal Injury

When you are involved in a car accident in Illinois, you may sometimes receive serious injuries. We at Parker and Parker, Attorneys at Law, understand it can be beneficial for people to know how they might be hurt if they are in a collision.

When you consider the injuries you might have after a car crash, whiplash is likely the first wound that comes to mind. According to FindLaw, the muscles and ligaments in your neck can be harmed if your head jerks suddenly. Your vocal cords may also sometimes be paralyzed for short time. Sometimes you might incur a brain injury if your head smacks into a window or the steering wheel. This kind of wound varies in severity, and while you may sometimes only have a concussion, a more serious collision might result in a brain injury that affects your cognitive abilities.

Your chest can also be injured in a car accident. You may experience a collapsed lung or broken rib if the airbag or another object hits your chest with enough force. In some collisions, you can incur a herniated disk. This kind of wound can cause you to experience pain or tingling in your arms and legs. Additionally, your spinal cord can be wounded. Spinal cord injuries can be serious because your ability to control your legs or arms might be decreased.

If an injury is severe enough, you may find that it affects you for years after the accident. Additionally, you might need medical treatment for several months. More information about this subject can be found on our webpage.