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Stakes Are High In a High-Asset Divorce

At Parker & Parker Attorneys at Law, we are here to partner with you during a difficult time in your life. Our divorce lawyers have a great deal of experience representing Illinois residents with high net worth marital estates.

Compassionate Advocates – Tough Litigators

Past clients in Peoria and elsewhere in Illinois describe us as empathetic and reassuring. Our competitors describe us as formidable opposing counsel. The contrast is understandable since we vigorously advocate for our clients. Our goal when we work with you is for you to feel protected, listened to, and emboldened to make the right decisions in your own case.

We are prepared to inform you of our rights, apply the law to your unique circumstances, and guide you accordingly. We will start by helping you identify, classify, and obtain valuations for complex assets such as:

  • Investment portfolios, including savings accounts, stocks and bonds
  • Retirement assets
  • Business ownership interests
  • Real estate holdings
  • The marital home, perhaps a vacation home and investment properties
  • Art collections, gun collections, jewelry, antiques, and other collectibles

Your Goals Are No. 1 

You may approach your high-asset divorce with some overarching objective in mind, such as:

  • Ensuring you receive your fair share of the value of a business or professional practice
  • Respecting the legacy of family heirlooms and inheritances
  • Fairness to your children’s interests
  • Protection of your share of retirement assets
  • Taking into account your spouse’s (or your) deferred executive compensation to come at a later stage of life

Whatever your priorities, our family law firm will help you define those and develop productive strategies for pursuing your goals in your Illinois divorce. For example, we can address complex matters such as business valuation while advocating for you. You naturally want your business to be valued accurately. You and your spouse may decide through negotiations, mediation or in a courtroom that you will give up certain assets in place of alimony or spousal maintenance, or vice versa. We will partner with you to tailor the approach to your high asset divorce.

We Want to Equip You For Effective Resolution of Your Family Law Matters 

We will help you stay in control as you prepare to present your case to a family law judge. In practical terms, this means we will educate you. Ideally, you will feel ready to make decisions that will protect your rights and interests as your high net worth divorce moves toward completion.

Get the Ball Rolling

Contact us to schedule a consultation with an experienced divorce lawyer in Peoria, Illinois. Call 309-673-0069 or complete the online intake form on this website.